Spelling Animals: the cats are back!

Shockingly, I have never done a Spelling Animals card for the other half before, so it seemed about time. Especially as he is impossible to buy for, and even more especially anything as a surprise…

Spelling Animals - Tony 2014
Spelling Animals – Tony 2014


  1. Your art is unique. When I read the text in my email, i was surprised. Somehow I couldn’t imagine you doing a cute animal spelling card. Well I was right. There is nothing cute or sentimental about these cats. Its almost shocking it’s so anti cute. Interestingly so much more expressive than cute. Dare I say, you’ld only give this to a good friend, other half or not.

    1. Haha! that’s interesting, because I think I believe them to be a bit cute! Maybe my idea of cute is different, probably I meant ‘entertaining’. Usually I do them for the nieces and nephews, who seem to all like them

      1. I hope you realise I meant my comment as praise! I am not surprised your nieces and nephews love them. My kids would think them brilliant. But I hold to my view. They are not cute. Tat’s their magic.

        1. Oh yes, of course I realized that 🙂

          1. and thanks! 🙂

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