Charlie’s Rats

Another niece, another birthday…

The Spelling Animals do 'Charlie'
The Spelling Animals do ‘Charlie’

As I have said before, as far as the Spelling Animals are concerned this is the Year of the Non-specific Rodent Thing. But that only applies to the nieces and nephews, who all get a go at the same animal or there are bound to be arguments. Suddenly I have been asked for a few of these on a commission basis: over the last fortnight I have also encountered spelling cats, sea creatures and winged lizards. There seems to be a modest demand, so I have put up a listing on Etsy:Β I will be interested to see if there are any more nibbles πŸ˜‰


  1. Amazing what you can do with a tail! can they do semaphore?

    1. I think you need two tails for semaphore, don’t you?

    1. thanks Rosie πŸ™‚

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