The Master Plan

from 12 Views of the Tor: 2015 calendar

What more can I add? This is the Master Plan: the title pretty much sums it up. There is an arch villain, an arch villain’s cat, an evil checklist…. and no James Bond to be seen. It’s obviously all going to work without a hitch…

views of the tor - the master plan
Views of the Tor: The Master plan
the master plan - the evil checklist
The Master plan: The Evil Checklist
the master plan
The Master Plan

For those interested in the technicalities, this is another print entirely in drypoint, starting off with sandpapering the aluminium plate with very coarse sandpaper, then burnishing the surface where I didn’t want the background scratches. Then the trusty pointy tool drew the rest. There is an obvious sequel to the Master Plan which I shall show you soon, I promise…


  1. Mgon ♥

    How cute and fun and… wow, so different! I love all the details and the funny bits. 😀

    1. Thank you Mgon 🙂 I forgot to add – of course as this is a print, I had to do all that writing backwards!

      1. Mgon ♥

        Oh that’s right. I didn’t even think about that.
        Makes one appreciate your skill all the more.
        Your talent never ceases to amaze! 😉

        1. LOL, don’t be too amazed – I did write forwards first, then trice it backwards, not backwards from scratch. It’s just – you need to remember it’s got to be backwards!

          1. ‘traced’ not ‘trice’…

          2. Mgon ♥

            You still get kudos! 🙂
            My dyslexia would have a fit over that! LOL

  2. You’ve inspired me to get some aluminium plate and try out this technique. I normally use the Intaglip Printmaker’s drypoint plates, but this has the flexibility of sanding and burnishing too. Marvellous

    1. Ah yes, burnishing is a great aspect of working on metal, it’s like rubbing out parts of a drawing, but with no smeary trace left at all if you persist! The only thing against aluminium is that it seems to be impossible to get absolutely white areas when wiping the plate as there is always a greyish tinge from the aluminium, and it seems to be worse with a couple of the inks – chrome yellow is bad for Alu and comes out greyish, but cadmium yellow is fine (I think… or it might be the other way round!)… I’ve not found this to be much of a problem, but just something that is worth bearing in mind….. and there’s always the judicial use of a rubber on the dry prints afterwards… 😉

      1. ah yes, I like BluTack 😉

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