The Mistress Plan

When I posted ‘The Master Plan‘ I said there was an obvious sequel, and  here it is: ‘The Mistress Plan’. And they are indeed very obvious…

The Mistress Plan - drypoint on aluminium
The Mistress Plan – drypoint on aluminium
The Mistress Plan - close-up
The Mistress Plan – close-up

This is of course another in my series of 12 views of Glastonbury Tor, for the 2015 calendar – you can catch up with the work to date here:

Technically it’s another drypoint, created the same way as The master Plan. I am quite getting into drypoint, though I couldn’t resist a proper mezzotint rocker selling for half price on Ebay the other day (they almost never come up, ever – I think it is the second one I have seen in two years, and the only one not at its full price…). I’ve got very little experience of mezzotint printing, but it’s a lovely technique, so it could be interesting….


  1. Mgon ♥

    Hah hah. Nice! 😀
    I really like the way you drew the Mistress – her face, hair, earring, outfit.

    1. Thanks! I have a bit of practice drawing ‘mistresses’ 🙂
      (though not in real life, which is a shame, as I have known the occasional one or two!)

  2. Oh – how wonderful — I love your subversive sense of humor!!!

    1. Thanks Christian…. *evil chuckle* 😉

      1. I have it on pretty good authority that our [Florida] State Capitol building was designed that way on purpose and it totally went ‘over the heads’ of the Governor and other officials at the time.

        1. Oh that’s hysterical! Love it.

  3. Great fun, this.

  4. Mezzotint. Hardcore lol

    1. Oh yes, Rosie! 🙂 Have yet to discover if it works on Alu, or if I need to get some copper…. and some serious amounts of spare time!

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