Octopi Spelling Animals

A new species of Spelling Animal: Octopi

This was a new one for the Spelling Animals: I was asked to paint ‘Jill’ in Octopi! Interestingly this species of spelling animal presents the opposite challenge to the more conventional types: with cats and the like one often wants a few extra limbs to form letters, with octopi, one wants fewer. Fortunately octopi limbs can be tangled and wrapped in a pleasingly Baroque fashion 🙂    

The View of Glastonbury Tor

The final calendar pictures, and about time too!

I do apologize for not getting round to showing you the last of the Glastonbury Tor pictures yet! First, I wanted these with a little colour, and then on a whim I started a new blog, and although it was not meant to be time-consuming, everything consumes time… So, here are the final pictures for the 2015 calendar, ’12 Views of the Tor’: ‘The View’ is mostly etching, and ‘The Decoy’ is mostly drypoint. ‘The View’ is an afternoon-tea sort of print, but an Angel’s eye view… Angels of course sit around on clouds and drink tea all the time,…