The final calendar pictures, and about time too!

I do apologize for not getting round to showing you the last of the Glastonbury Tor pictures yet! First, I wanted these with a little colour, and then on a whim I started a new blog, and although it was not meant to be time-consuming, everything consumes time…
So, here are the final pictures for the 2015 calendar, ’12 Views of the Tor’:

The View of Glastonbury Tor
‘The View’

‘The View’ is mostly etching, and ‘The Decoy’ is mostly drypoint.

‘The View’ is an afternoon-tea sort of print, but an Angel’s eye view… Angels of course sit around on clouds and drink tea all the time, until it is acceptably late enough to drink Champagne instead. ‘The Decoy’ is possibly the most obscure view of the Tor, but remember there is a tower on top, and fairies are wont to hide inside on occasion, mostly to annoy passing dogs whom they believe might be in need of a little extra exercise…

fairies print - the decoy
‘The Decoy’

In the final prints for the calendar, some of the images will have coloured details, but not all. It was my intention to have a little coloured detail in each of the prints, but with some of them I decided I preferred the original black and white. However, other people might disagree, and if you are one of them you might like to have a look at my Etsy shop, in the ‘original etchings‘ section, because that is where I have listed the painted prints that I am not using, at about two thirds of the price that I shall be selling the numbered series of prints (thirteen of each print).

I am now busily working to put the calendar together. I know it’s only April, but the nice people at gave me a discount that must be used by the end of the month šŸ™‚Ā  And all these prints are featuring in an exhibition before the end of the month too, so in case anyone feels like doing their Christmas shopping really, really early, you know where to come….


  1. Mgon ā™„

    The angels sipping tea on a cloud is adorable!

    1. Thank you! šŸ™‚

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