'Three's a Crowd' - drawing in pencil and gold leaf

‘Three’s a Crowd’

Finished artwork in pencil and gold leaf. This is a relatively simple piece, expanding on the series of ‘gold fairies’ I have been drawing. I am rather aware that Somerset Arts Weeks is fast approaching, so it is not the time to get started on a long complex piece of work that will not be finished in time. Now, in this lovely summer weather, it seems a good idea to fill gaps in the gallery walls with some simple gilded glamour. Of course, my pictures are never THAT simple, but I am doing my best to get a few new…

Spelling Animals: octopuses, octopi, or octopodes

This is the Year of the Octopus

From last week it became the year of the octopus. The New Year happens when, having gone through all of the nieces and nephew’s birthdays with one sort of Spelling Animal, I have to start again with a new creature. This year the powers that be have decreed that it shall be the year of the octopus, so I have been busily training a hand-picked and highly skilled set of octopi to perform this extraordinary task. They do their job extremely well, the only problem is that they cannot agree on what they are called. Are they octopuses, octopi, or…

Spelling Rats

Rats, sweet rats…

Meanwhile, in my occasional capacity as custodian of some highly trained Spelling animals: Rats seem to be the in thing lately. I did a name in rats for a customer and she came back instantly with a request for this picture too. Meanwhile I am doing another name in rats with the special request that they be ‘more skanky’ … yep, I can also do Skanky Rats. These, however, are not those rats 🙂  

first piece of gold leaf on the gold size

How to apply gold leaf to paper – part 1

I took some step-by-step photos of this ‘gold fairy’ as I did her. Couldn’t say I’m an expert gilder, but I have had a bit of practice by now and I’ve learnt one or two things, so I thought I’d write a little explanation for anyone interested. Here (below) is the outline drawing. The circle is to be entirely gilded. To gild on paper you need to stick the gold on with something. ‘Gold size’ is what the proper glue is called that the gold leaf is stuck on with, but the actual sort of gold size you use depends…

Sketchy Kitty

Canadian-cat-of-the-day: meet Dust Bunny. His person asked me very nicely if I would draw his portrait. I am not sure what Dust Bunny’s opinion of this activity is, but his person is very pleased 🙂