Rats, sweet rats…

Meanwhile, in my occasional capacity as custodian of some highly trained Spelling animals:

Rats seem to be the in thing lately. I did a name in rats for a customer and she came back instantly with a request for this picture too. Meanwhile I am doing another name in rats with the special request that they be ‘more skanky’ … yep, I can also do Skanky Rats. These, however, are not those rats 🙂


Spelling Rats
Spelling Rats, in pencil and watercolour


  1. Skanky rats? Oh my! I afraid the rats have got her;)

    1. The rats have got me? oh no, let me introduce you to Arthur, who makes frequent appearances on my other blog:

      1. “I’m afraid the rats have got him” is a line from Beatrix Potter’s “The Roly-Poly Pudding.” I’m acquainted with Arthur — I’m following Cat-of-the-Day.

        1. Ah, not familiar with that one… I always liked Squirrel Nutkin and his riddles 😀

  2. Rats have got handy tails! Brilliant 🙂

    1. They have, Wendy, though I think that rat tails are more dangly and floppy than cat tails, so I usually have to have them holding their tails up or it looks odd!

  3. Looking forward to skanky rats.

    1. I thought you might be 😉

      1. Just a matter of taste. Actually, would you be up for a commission? Sweet rats “Hannah” skanky rats “Joseph”. I need to think about this. She might quite like some skanky rats and his skanky rats would have to be at least a little sweet. Depends what skanky would be like … Kind of Dennis the menace naughty rats … Just a thought.

        1. I can to rats to the required skankiness! …just a little bit skanky or a lot skanky. Can’t post the new picture yet as it is for a present for someone and in the unlikely event that they see it that would spoil it… If you email me at mail@nancyfarmer.net, I can email you the picture so you can see it in the meantime. As for commissions – yes I have been doing a few: I charge per letter, prices as in my Etsy listings here:
          (Though I have to list in dollars so the price in my view tends to move about a bit and seems to have dropped since i put the listing up….) But anyway, that’s about what I charge, if you are interested… send me an email if you’d like to know more….

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