The 2015 calendar is here!

Calendar 2015: '12 Views of the Tor'
Calendar 2015: ’12 Views of the Tor’

January 14th: I have about 5 calendars left which were returned from a gallery, if you would like one, they are now £7.50 including postage within the UK, please email me on

There has been plenty posted here about the work-in-progress of these pictures – see my previous posts – but here is the point at which I invite you to purchase one!

Price is £12 plus shipping, or £9.50 plus shipping if you have more than one.
You can buy straight from me by emailing me at, and telling me how many you would like and where you are (UK / Europe / Everywhere else) – please email rather than leaving a comment because if you don’t tick the ‘follow comments’ box you won’t see my reply!

Shipping: If you go to the calendars page on my website, you’ll find a bit more information including the cost of shipping various numbers of calendars to various places.

They are also for sale in my Etsy and Dawanda shops, though because one is listed in Dollars and the other in Euros the price will not be exactly the same as it is above. The discount for quantity is not automatic in those shops but you can send me a message and request a custom listing:
Calendars in my Etsy Shop
Calendars in my DaWanda Shop

So there you have it, buy my calendars: I have hungry cats to feed!

'The View', 'The Weather', 'The Sleepers' and 'The Unwelcome Visitor'
‘The View’, ‘The Weather’, ‘The Sleepers’ and ‘The Unwelcome Visitor’
'The Harvest', 'The Homebrew', 'The Master Plan' and 'The Mistress Plan'
‘The Harvest’, ‘The Homebrew’, ‘The Master Plan’ and ‘The Mistress Plan’
'12 Views of the Tor' - etching and drypoint prints with a little colour added in watercolour.
‘The Other Boxing Day Hunt’, The Phallacy’, ‘The Decoy’ and ‘The Diabolical Socks’…..’12 Views of the Tor’ – etching and drypoint prints with a little colour added in watercolour.
Outside cover
Outside cover


  1. My calendar is waiting for me to collect from my parents’ next week – can’t wait! 🙂 So now you can feed Percy some more food….

    1. Percy is delighted to hear that and says thank you, and says you will especially like it because there are cats in at least 3 pictures 🙂

  2. I like your style!!

  3. […] Calendars, which have definitely not been sat on by Arthur, may be purchased online, and do in fact contain a number of cats in the actual illustrations though they are not the sketches from this site, they are my ‘other’ artwork. Details on my main blog here. […]

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