The Spelling Animals: ‘Kate’ in cats

Happened upon this drawing yesterday, which never made it onto the blog at the time of creation on account of being a surprise present. I have since discovered the letter ‘t’ can be achieved with a single cat, but the cats like a variation in their tasks anyway, so letters are not always spelled the same way. I liked the ‘K’ in this one, it reminds me of how cats are frequently cuddly and nice to each other, shortly before a game of ‘oh did I accidentally bite you?’ commences…

The Spelling Animals will spell any name for money, see my Etsy shop for prices.

The Spelling Animals do 'Kate'
The Spelling Animals do ‘Kate’



  1. I love the ‘bum wash’ position as an A πŸ™‚

    1. LOL, it shall ever be known as the bum wash position now! Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. I never thought of the animal letters as being …er, letters, and that you could rearrange and reuse them. You need a whole alphabet, would make a good poster.(Bet you thought of that). Or…what about a font?

  3. Gorgeous. I agree with Anne – a font or a poster would be amazing

  4. Hi Anne and Rosie, interesting that you both say that… I spent some time thinking about whether I could do bespoke prints by re-arranging the letters, but it would take a bit of time to do that for each name and in the end I think it would detract from the originals.
    A poster though, with a whole alphabet on it, that would be a different thing. Do you think anyone would want it except for small children though? What would also work is the optician’s letter eye-test thing, though I have one done with beetles and always was a bit worried that person would think I was nicking their idea. Not that the beetles spell letters though.
    A font now… yep, thought of that to, but don’t actually known how you create fonts. It would start, of course, by doing a poster of all the letters anyway… 26 x upper and lower case + numbers… hmm could take a while. Oh yes and dead rats for commas and disembodied rat-heads for full stops maybe? πŸ˜‰

  5. Alphabet poster better than eye-test thing. Anybody who liked the pictures would be in trigued to see how you did the whole alphabet. Cats more universally appealing than rats, though. And bits of rats not appealing at all!
    I did see something about software for turning one’s handwriting into a font – good for travel diaries, annotated sketchbooks and the like. I fancy the idea but…one of these days when there’s nothing elseto do.

    1. Ah, one of THOSE days… yes….

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