Somerset Arts Weeks 2014

Astonishingly mild weather continues and the sun is blazing into the studio, as I crouch on the windowsill to get this shot of all the artwork on display. This is my studio – the gallery-wall side of it anyway, all spruced up and glistening with not an inconsiderable number of square inches of gold leaf, amongst the drawings and paintings.

Art by Nancy Farmer at Somerset Arts Weeks
Art by Nancy Farmer at Somerset Arts Weeks

So, if you are going to be nearby in the next fortnight, do come and visit! Details of the exhibition as follows:

Dates: 20th September – 5th October 2014
Times: 11am – 6pm every day except Mondays

I am very easy to find – I am right next to the pub in Moorlinch, and venue 177 in the Arts Weeks guidebook. For more information about Arts Weeks see the SAW website: For a map of all our local venues, see my current exhibitions page.

The full address of my venue is:
The Old Farmhouse,
Pit Hill Lane,

Telephone: 07721 005 233

One little collection making its debut this fortnight is my selection of Cat-of-the-Day greetings cards:

Cat-of-the-Day greetings cards for Somerset Arts Weeks
Cat-of-the-Day greetings cards for Somerset Arts Weeks

These are all selected from the sketches on my sketchbook website, Cat-of-the-Day:, and all drawn on my tablet phone. They are also beginning to make it into my Etsy shop: where I have just added the current best seller: ‘Arthur has been doing the ironing’.


  1. πŸ™‚ …not all of it is recent, Rosie, but there more in storage, which is becoming a bit of an issue!

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