“Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed”

I have finished the monster spelling undertaking! If you missed the first stages and explanation, the quote is from William Blake, and the work in progress pictures are here:
‘Biting off more words than I can spell’
‘Still chewing over the words’

So, I re-did the whole thing, swapping the dip-pen and Indian Ink for a plain old Biro. Not as black, not as ‘proper’ but a far nicer, more sensitive drawing tool to work with… and more disaster-proof, too! Here are the pictures, rather a lot of them: the words are about 35 inches wide, so there is a lot of detail in there.

Spelling People: "Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed", quote by William Blake
Spelling People: “Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed”, quote by William Blake
"Art can never..." detail 1
“Art can never…” detail 1
"Art can never..." detail 2
“Art can never…” detail 2
"Art can never..." detail 3
“Art can never…” detail 3
"Art can never..." detail 4
“Art can never…” detail 4
"Art can never..." detail 5
“Art can never…” detail 5
"Art can never..." detail 7
“Art can never…” detail 7
"Art can never..." detail 6
“Art can never…” detail 6
"Art can never..." detail 8
“Art can never…” detail 8

This was a rather more stressful drawing to complete than usual. For one thing, there was all that expanse of white paper to keep spotlessly clean, and the other issue was actually drawing on it: my studio is not set up for very large drawings and the only place to work was with the paper taped to the top of my plan chest, and to lean over the drawing at an awkward angle. So here is one more work-in-progress: the drawing on the plan chest, meticulously covered, except for a small gap that I am drawing through, in case of spillage, smudge, or surprise appearance by Arthur

Work in progress, and protected from cats!
Work in progress, and protected from cats!

And finally, there was the issue of a signature: all those Spelling People, all that white space at the bottom (I admit, I have made the drawing to fit an old frame, and there is rather more white space top and bottom than there would otherwise have been). It didn’t seem right merely to poke my tiny little monogram at the bottom, and it needed some kind of explanation. So I did this:

"Art can never..." detail 9
“Art can never…” detail 9



  1. Wow, totally wonderful Nancy!

    1. Thanks Christian πŸ™‚

  2. Mgon β™₯

    This came out so wonderful. Truly delightful to look at. And the signature is so fun. Perfect. I love it.

    Some of those letters could be enlarged and detailed even more to be standalone pieces! Wow. Thanks for sharing closeups of so many of them.

    Congrats on a masterful job!

    Such a creative and talented lady πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Mgon… the signature was such tricky one: when I so nearly had it done and finished and I still had to work out what to do with that! Was quite pleased how it came out and that I made myself take the time to do something interesting with the signature.

      1. Mgon β™₯

        The way you did the signature is exactly what it needed to balance it all out and bring everything to a nice satisfying conclusion πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you Mr Kestrel πŸ™‚

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