The Winter Tree Demons

Whilst I am on the subject of our very local magical creatures (Rhyne Maidens, Pollarded Dryads), I couldn’t let another winter pass without documenting the Winter Tree Demons. Not so evocative of my local area on the edge of the Somerset Levels, these creatures are visible all over the country in the winter, but particularly in low-lying rural countryside. In the summer you would think they were trees; only in winter do they show their true shape…

The Winter Tree Demons
The Winter Tree Demons
The Winter Tree Demons - detail 2
The Winter Tree Demons – detail 2


  1. Really like this!

    1. Thanks! took me an inordinately long time of messing about and procrastinating to work out what to put in the foreground!

  2. V Burgess

    Great painting reminds me a little of the scarecrow Medusa on your 2014 calendar. What is the medium you have used to create it? Are you going to produce a new series of work on a somerset bestiary? could be an interesting subject for a calendar.

    1. Hi Vincent, the medium is gouache on paper, but in this case I would tend to call it watercolour because gouache is identical to watercolour except for its slightly thicker more opaque qualities, and these aren’t actually qualities that I’m making use of in this painting. The pigment is Prussian Blue, which is always translucent anyway. So that’s a long way round saying basically watercolour! And yes the idea was going to be for a calendar, but I decided I wanted to make the most of these pictures for themselves, not have to do 12 and all the same size by the time I need to order the calendar. So they wont be, at least not this year…. as a calendar I am thinking In might do the cats from cat-of-the-day (my other blog if you’ve not seen it: ) shame for those that don’t like cats, but I can’t please everyone every year!

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