Clevedon Tides Festival 19th – 20th September 2015

This year I shall have a stand in the Marquee at Clevedon Tides Festival 19th – 20th September, where I will have prints on display and for sale. In-keeping with the setting, some of these are likely to be my swimming-related drawings, and a shoal of mermaids would seem appropriate too. Venue: Clevedon Sea Front, the Salthouse Fields and Clevedon marine Lake. (both the lake and the Fields are at  the opposite end of the seafront from the Pier) Dates: 19th – 20th September 2015 I will not be there on the Friday – that is a schools event. I…

Witches' Knickers

The Knickers, revealed!

The Witches’ Knickers picture is finished! For a few more finished images see this entry in my finished paintings: . Here is more work-in-progress, carrying on from the photos where I had begun to paint the witches in a blue monochrome (Prussian blue watercolour or gouache – a dark but very transparent colour) I’ve done several paintings entirely in a monochrome (light and dark shades of a single colour) of Prussian blue lately, but for this painting of course I had to have colour – the knickers MUST be in colour or the painting won’t really work as the idea…

Work in progress on the Witches Knickers 3

The knickers are afoot

Work in progress on the Witches Knickers picture. I took the sketches I already showed you, and arranged them into a pleasing composition. Part of me wanted to go for three witches as the classic ‘maiden, mother and crone’ combination of the very witchy Hecate, but in the end I just liked a crowd better as a composition, so this is Mother, Crone, and three would-be witches, probably on their maiden voyage in several senses. It did occur to me that if I were to compose a picture of only pretty witches it might actually sell, because I am not…

Pauline Squire, swimming coach

A digital departure

I am busily painting knickerless witches, but it is time-consuming, so in the meantime I wanted to show you my first actual commissioned digital drawing – so far all the digital ones have been done to please myself, and have generally appeared on  Cat-of-the-Day (not daily; not all cats). This is Pauline Squire​. Based on a photograph, but I think the trick with drawing from a photograph is to use it only as a guide, not to slavishly try to reproduce it. Rather like my drawings that are done as an image of how I think a scene might have…

The Tattooist

A Spring Auction

It is a fact that I have too many paintings. The problem is that old pieces never get seen, and so therefore don’t stand a chance of being sold, because I have to keep up the new work for exhibitions. And the cupboard is full! So, here is my cunning plan: I am going to hold a series of seasonal auctions on Ebay, just for one or two ‘vintage’ pieces at a time. Here is my Spring offering. I was originally going to auction The Tattooist, but then 3 Gold Fairies came back from the dead… reappearing when they had…

Witches' Knickers and Knickerless Witches - sketch 1

Progress interrupted by Witches Knickers!

Yesterday somebody told me the about “Witches’ Knickers”… a wonderful term for plastic bags caught in teees and bushes. It appears to be Irish in origin, and, living as I do in pretty unspoilt, knickerless rural Somerset, it’s not greatly fitting into my scheme of a “Westcountry Bestiary”. Still, I am not really convinced about my Silver Street drawings of my previous post, and now I am throughly distracted by drawing witches’ knickers… and knickerless witches. I think the idea might fly. The first three drawings also vaguely conform to the very witchy tripple-goddess Hecate as maiden, mother and crone….

Silver Street scribble 2

Every Street has a Silver Lining

Is it only me who has a bit of a thing over the name ‘Silver Street’? Ever since we moved to Somerset I have been noticing them. Actually I know it’s not just me, I cam across a rather exhaustive essay on the possible derivations of the name, several possibilities including Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian names, no conclusions were drawn. One website for South Petherton claims the origin of its street name was because there was a mint situated on the street, but that in no way explains the other 36 Silver Streets in my Somerset Atlas. The author Lindsey Davis…