A Spring Auction

It is a fact that I have too many paintings. The problem is that old pieces never get seen, and so therefore don’t stand a chance of being sold, because I have to keep up the new work for exhibitions. And the cupboard is full!
So, here is my cunning plan: I am going to hold a series of seasonal auctions on Ebay, just for one or two ‘vintage’ pieces at a time. Here is my Spring offering. I was originally going to auction The Tattooist, but then 3 Gold Fairies came back from the dead… reappearing when they had been lost for some years, so I have added those too. Clicking the link below will take you to the auctions, and just to whet your appetite, I have posted images of all the pictures below. They are all pencil drawings (the gold fairies also have 24 karat gold wings, naturally)

Feel free to post questions, or send me an email (click ‘contact me’ in the menu above), if you’d like to know anything about these.

Tell me what you think!

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