A digital departure

I am busily painting knickerless witches, but it is time-consuming, so in the meantime I wanted to show you my first actual commissioned digital drawing – so far all the digital ones have been done to please myself, and have generally appeared on  Cat-of-the-Day (not daily; not all cats).

This is Pauline Squire​. Based on a photograph, but I think the trick with drawing from a photograph is to use it only as a guide, not to slavishly try to reproduce it. Rather like my drawings that are done as an image of how I think a scene might have looked, you still have to use your imagination.

For those of you who’re fellow swimmers, Pauline’s about to start running some courses at Vobster, and she can be contacted via these links:
And if you’re interested to see what the original photo looked like you can see that on the first link I showed you, too. And yes, I am, as ever, open to commissions… 😉

Pauline Squire, swimming coach
Pauline Squire, swimming coach


  1. I don’t usually promote pound shops, but thought your witches might like this link to the Money Saving Expert website. Headline: Knickers coming right down. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/deals/pound-shop?utm_source=MSE_Newsletter&utm_medium=oneliner-one&utm_term=13-May-15-v4&utm_campaign=deals&utm_content=2#lasenza

    1. Nice 😀 …it’s a good point, you don’t want to spend too much on your knickers if they get left behind at every outing!

  2. Mgon ♥

    Your interpenetration is better than the original. Wonderful work. It really feels like it’s flowing and moving. And the colors are great.

    1. Thanks Mgon 🙂

  3. This picture stopped me.

    1. Thank you! I hope you weren’t doing anything unstoppable 😉

  4. Lorna Soar

    Love the digital pictures, really fresh and light! Which of the sketch apps do you favour?

    1. It’s Sketchbook for Galaxy, made by Autodesk – I’ve never tried any other sketch apps – it’s a version that came with the phone! I also have the tablet version on a tablet – Sketchbook pro or something – it has more functionality but at the same time has some annoying issues….

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