Solo exhibition at Ilminster, July 2016

“A Westcountry Bestiary”

Dates: July 4th – July 30th
Venue: Ilminster Arts Centre, East Street, Ilminster, TA19 0AN
Open: Mon – Fri 9.30am to 4.30pm, Sat 9.30am to 2.30pm
(please note exhibition ends at 2pm on the last Saturday)

The theme of this exhibition was the collection of fanciful and mythical creatures which may, or may not, inhabit Somerset. I have now put quite a lot of the pictures up on this site under ‘Finished Artwork’ and ‘A Westcountry Bestiary’, where you can see them in more detail than below.

“Some centuries before the Encyclopaedia, there was the Bestiary, or Bestiarium vocabulum; an illustrated compendium of Beasts. Inspired by this cataloguing of creatures and curiosities, Nancy Farmer has illustrated a number of the fanciful and fantastic beings to be found in Somerset: inhabitants of the levels and the hills near her studio. In-keeping with the tradition of the Medievalists, she has favoured imagination over research and has made a lot of them up. Pollarded dryads, rhyne maidens, the flying pigs of High Ham, a fairy queen in her barge, a number of irritated swans and many other curiosities people this very local landscape.”

“Supporting these fanciful visions will be Nancy’s growing collection of ‘drawings from memory’, illustrating her swimming experiences; these subjects are real, for a change. Swimmers slipping gleefully into lakes in January, or swimming in the choppy and muddy waters of the Bristol Channel may be mistaken for illusion, but they are real creatures of the Westcountry, albeit a hardy breed.”



  1. Terrific. The time will soon go.

    1. Indeed, I don’t know where the time goes! -O

  2. Wow, these are beautiful pieces.

  3. […] you thought I only did drawings of swimmers nowadays, here is a little work in progress. I have an exhibition booked at Ilminster Arts Centre in July and I need to get on with quite a lot of new work, of the kind of ‘fantasy-satire’ that […]

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