Calendars! Already!

Apologies for mentioning next year now we are barely past midsummer, but these things take time. I am planning next years calendars.

It’s about time that the Cat-of-the-Day pictures got a look in – there have been over 180 posts on that site and hardly any of the pictures have ever been printed, and I have been pleased to keep an occasional diary of both my cats’ activities and my swimming activities. So next year I am thinking of getting two separate calendars printed – cats and swimming. No swimming cats.

Those of you who prefer the fairies and their ilk, sorry but they have to take a break from the annual hard work! Two calendars is quite possibly one too many already. So I am beginning the task of selecting the images and designing the calendars. Here’s the beginnings of the swimming one – pictures waiting to be selected, I can’t put them all in, I just thought you might be interested to see this. Anyone wanting to place advance orders, by all means send me your email or add yourself to my emailing list. Questions? do contact me

2016 swimming calendar under construction 1
2016 swimming calendar under construction 1
2016 swimming calendar under construction 2
2016 swimming calendar under construction 2



  1. I will definitely want the cat one!!!

    1. I will make a note of it and let you know, Wendy 🙂

  2. rebecca apsan

    Hi my name is Rebecca Apsan and I own La Petite Coquette. A lingerie shop in the village of NYC. I would love to carry your fetish cards. Please tell me how I can order them. Thank you.

    1. thanks Rebecca, have just emailed you…

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