A last-minute riot of Bridesmaids

Pudding Bridesmaids
Pudding Bridesmaids

All other work went on hold from Wednesday to Saturday this week as I did a rather last minute commission for a friend. Not that it had been last-minute from the outset, but I hadn’t been the artist commissioned to do it to begin with, the other one ran away, reasons unknown! This is the blushing bride, surrounded by her hen party all as imaginary bridesmaids, all in fantastically awful pudding bridesmaids dresses (there was a back story here but I think the idea stands on its own without it).

I had a photo of each of the girls, and it was highly enjoyable to draw because I actually know at least half of them, the only hitches being the roughly 3  days to do it in and the fact that not all of the photos were very good quality and there was no time to get better ones once I discovered this.

This is the first drawing done on my brand-new tablet – which is more or less like the phone which I have been drawing on for the last year, only much bigger. It was last Sunday when in slight desperation I looked up the cost of a Samsung tablet with an ” S Pen” – Samsung’s nice little electronic pen, without which there would be no cat-of-the-day drawings, to find that the cost of the tablets were a lot cheaper than I had expected. And then of course I had to wait for it to be delivered before I could begin, but finally – my first digital sketch on the snappily named ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab A (with S Pen)’

A few close-up bits….

Pudding Bridesmaids - detail 1
Pudding Bridesmaids – detail 1
Pudding Bridesmaids - detail 2
Pudding Bridesmaids – detail 2
Pudding Bridesmaids - detail 3
Pudding Bridesmaids – detail 3


  1. Skilful, elegant, fun and barking mad as always. I do admire and enjoy your art.

    1. Thank you! Barking mad was easy – I know them 😉

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