Fornicating Fairies

Fairy Filth!

This is not a traffic forecast of the M6 on a Friday evening, but a cunning plan 😉 As you may have gathered already I am putting on an exhibition as part of Somerset Arts Weeks and it’s going to be all my swimming drawings… However, I’ve now annexed two rooms of the house to be additional gallery-space for a small selection of fairy pictures. And then I had a cunning idea. One room is now an adults only boudoir of fairy filth! And you are all very welcome to come and see it. If you are a grown-up…. The…

exhibition Flier for SAW 15

Come to my Exhibition!

…and feel free to share this. “Swept Away” An exhibition of Artwork by Nancy Farmer, Sketches on a year spent swimming under the sky, with additional drawings on cats, fairies and other beasties 3rd – 18th October, 11am – 5pm Open: Wednesday – Sunday. (note: closed Mondays & Tuesdays) At my Studio / Gallery: The Old Farmhouse, Pit Hill Lane, Moorlinch,TA7 9BT Tel: 07721005233 Email: Venue 103 in the guidebook. Part of Somerset Arts Weeks Festival 2015

Swimming in Exhibitions

The Clevedon Tides Festival was fun, even though I didn’t see much beyond the inside of the beer tent (where my stand was), but people came to see me. Got to catch up with several fellow swimmers. I never got to swim in the lake though, which was a shame! I printed lots of greetings cards from the cat-of-the-day drawings (swimming and cats, but no swimming cats), and these went down very well and will also be appearing in my Etsy shop very soon. There are a few cat ones here but lots more to come, including about 15 different…