Swimming in Exhibitions

The Clevedon Tides Festival was fun, even though I didn’t see much beyond the inside of the beer tent (where my stand was), but people came to see me. Got to catch up with several fellow swimmers. I never got to swim in the lake though, which was a shame!

I printed lots of greetings cards from the cat-of-the-day drawings (swimming and cats, but no swimming cats), and these went down very well and will also be appearing in my Etsy shop very soon. There are a few cat ones here but lots more to come, including about 15 different swimming drawings too. Predictably, the drawing that I almost didn’t bother to print because nobody would buy it sold out!

Now it’s on to Somerset Arts Weeks (3rd – 18th Oct), where my exhibition will be largely about the swimming pictures, which went down well at Clevedon. I will have some of my ‘usual’ artwork on display too, but not the very newest ‘Westcountry Bestiary’ pieces – they are too new to be given second place and I intend to expand the group over then next months and show them next Summer at Ilminster, unless another opportunity for them presents itself.

2015-09-19 11.30.51-1_web


  1. Your stand looks great! Well done! Hope you got a lot of good sales.

    1. Thank you! Not bad – goodly amount of cards and calendars and a print. And some interest in the big print from two or three people who said that it summed up Clevedon for them 🙂

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