Fairy Filth!

This is not a traffic forecast of the M6 on a Friday evening, but a cunning plan 😉

As you may have gathered already I am putting on an exhibition as part of Somerset Arts Weeks and it’s going to be all my swimming drawings… However, I’ve now annexed two rooms of the house to be additional gallery-space for a small selection of fairy pictures. And then I had a cunning idea. One room is now an adults only boudoir of fairy filth! And you are all very welcome to come and see it. If you are a grown-up….

The pictures will of course not have their warning symbols on them when displayed at my house. Exhibition details here.

Fornicating Fairies
‘Fornicating Fairies’ – drawing in pencil with gold leaf… partially obscured!
The Fairy Ring
‘The Fairy Ring’ – drawing in pencil with gold leaf… partially obscured!


  1. I love these. I think my wicked fairy, Blackbird, would be at home with these frolicking lovers. If you’d like to meet him, please visit my blog, where I’ve posted the first 3 chapters of my story about him. Hope I get to see your work ‘in the flesh’ some day – I live on the other side of the Bristol Channel

    1. Ha, damn that Bristol Channel (wonder whether it would be fun to swim it one day 😉 ). Your blog looks fascinating – only read the very first bit as manic here, will try to remember to get back to it…

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