Andy Barton’s Brutal Swim

This was a commissioned digital drawing I did for Andy, commemorating a memorable swim. It gathered together the correct elements – hat colour, the buoy in the background, etc. to create a memento of a swim he did this year, The Big Brutal Swim, Llyn Padarn, Llanberis, North Wales. The photograph is in fact of the previous year, but the same place. The camera is so particular about such details, but with the persuasiveness of the pencil (or digital stylus) I re-created the scene for this year’s swim.

Andrew Barton's portrait
Andrew Barton’s portrait

The photographs:
(I am sorry I don’t know who took these. If you did, I apologize for not checking with you, and I am happy to add a credit / link, or remove them as requested)

Andy photos

Starting the picture - yes it's all done on my phone... but it is a very big phone!
Starting the picture – yes it’s all done on my phone… but it is a very big phone!

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