Paper Angel no.1

I have been busy these last few days working out a design for a paper angel Christmas cecoration. I have plans to produce a collection of these that can be coloured in and made up by anyone who would like to. They will be for sale as a collection in my Etsy shop presently, but for now I have just the one. If you’d like to know when the collection is ready, email me at and I’ll let you know, or check in my shop in a couple of weeks.

The collection will feature slightly subversive angels, and a few cheeky demons. A little naughty, but not so naughty that they need be under lock and key. This one is a tattooed angel: very sweet from the outside but with a very cheeky bottom!

Below are some step-by-step photos of how the angel is made up:

All prototypes were rigorously tested:

Freyja, testing the angels and finding them wanting...
Freyja, testing the angels and finding them wanting…


  1. alyson rogers

    lovely, I hate Christmas.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 yes, I am also inclined to Bah Humbug on occasion, but I live with someone who is basically still a small child when it comes to Christmas…

  2. Aww. So cute, creative, and fun! 😀

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