Christmas Cards… for swimmers!

Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before – I drew a picture especially as a Christmas card that I’m not going to be sending to people. This isn’t because I don’t like it, but the only Christmas cards I’ve ever done have been for my own use and strictly not to be revealed until Christmas, and then any surplus I’ve put up for sale the following year. This year I rashly though I’d offer a card design done especially because a couple of people had been asking if I would be selling Christmas cards on a swimming theme. This is following surprising success with the Swimming Calendar – a collection of images that I was very pleased to get printed as a calendar but that were very personal to me, and not done originally for sale, and so I had no particular expectations. It turns out that, having got well and truly into this whole swimming outside thing in recent years, what is personal to me in the way of swimming images is also personal to quite a lot of friends and acquaintances.

So I have drawn a frankly slightly obvious Christmassy swimmer, but I do like to draw a nice bottom! And together with a suitable wintery image I drew last week, I’m getting them both printed as cards. £1 per card, if you buy 10 cards you get them for £9, plus postage. They should be ready to post out to people next weekend. If you’d like any, please email (please don’t put orders as comments below – you may not see my reply). They will also be in the Swimming section of my Etsy Shop as soon as I have them in.

Size: A6 / approx 4×6 inch / approx 10×15 cm(when folded)
Finish: smooth, ‘silk’ finish card (not the textured finish of the other swimming cards)
Inside: left blank for your own message, and also so that you need not use them as actual Christmas cards if you don’t want to!

If you have missed the swimming drawings entirely – they appear on my sketchbook blog Cat-of-the-Day:


  1. What a fun ( and alluring) Christmas card, love your sketches.

    1. thank you Sharon! 🙂

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