I have been slacking, I admit, in updating my website lately, but this is because I have been actually getting on with some artwork. So it’s about time I showed you a picture or two. Here is a commission I did recently – one of a growing number of digital drawings I have done for people because they have seen my swimming drawings and asked me to draw them, or in this case, their daughters. Sometimes these commemorate certain events, in this casethe youngest daughter’s first experience of open water.

'Waterbabies' - digital drawing
‘Waterbabies’ – digital drawing


  1. Sge looks remarkably happy, considering! Lovely drawing.

    1. Thanks… and about the swimming: what’s not to love!? you should try it some time in water warmer than 10 the first time though 😉

  2. I love it. I keep trying but can’t seem to master the digital drawing thing. Is this done with the Brushes app? N.

    1. Thanks! and no, I don’t think so – it’s an app called SketchBook for Galaxy, made by Autodesk. It’s on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone which has a little pointy stylus. I think the electronic stylus is probably more important than the app – it’s not like a finger!

      1. Aha. Maybe I’ll ask my husband to install it on his Samsung phone.

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