Ditch Dragons and the Westcountry Bestiary

A quick update: I have written and sent the blurb for my solo exibition at Ilminster in July, it is now definitely called ‘A Westcountry Bestiary’. So I need to steam ahead a bit and paint a few more creatures, beasties and denizens of the Westcountry.  This evening I am drawing Ditch Dragons. They are a thing, honest.

Medusa is finished, and when I have time to stitch the scans together I shall post her but for the meantime, it’s dragons in the undergrowth…

Ditch Dragons - sketch
Ditch Dragons – sketch



  1. I have almost definitely seen the ditch dragons peeping up through the green duck weed at me out on the levels… 😉

    1. They are quite shy, but if you keep really quiet… 😉

  2. I love this idea!

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