Sketching Cider Apple Fairies

I have been Drawing Cider Apple Fairies! The sketch is now as complete as it’s going to get, next stage is to get it onto watercolour paper and get the paints out. This was done on a tablet – not as nice to draw on as paper but what it loses in tactile pleasure it more than makes up for in the ability to move and alter different elements of the drawing until they work together. You can’t see much of this process here, but there was a lot of faffing at the start once I had a pose for the first (bottom right) fairy and was experimenting with adding another two characters.

Have to admit, having done the Poison Flower Fairies I am a little apprehensive at the innocuousness of this trio, but cider apples are not really a scary subject… hopefully I can bring out an air of reprobate in their characters and that will be sufficient to stop them from being too ‘nice’.

An interesting point of note: googling ‘Cider Apple Fairies’ reveals them to be massively under-represented on t’internet! Who would have thought that such an obviously useful fairy had gone unnoticed by artists and illustrators?

Tell me what you think!

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