A Spelling Spree!

I’ve been on a total spelling spree lately. This week I have spelt names in mermaids, rats, fairies, unicorns and pigs… yes, I can now reveal that even pigs can be spelt with, though I think I was probably most pleased with the discovery that spelling in unicorns is possible. I can’t show you those last four yet as they have yet to go to their owners, but here are some from past weeks, including a spelling in witches which I was rather pleased with. I also have a fine pair of Spelling Bull Mastiffs to show you presently, but they deserve a post all their own.

If you are interesting in your own Spelling Animals, several can be ordered from my Etsy shop, but if you can’t see what you want or have a random idea I haven’t done yet, just send me a message, I’d be happy to discuss it!

Spelling Witches - Mandy
Spelling Witches – Mandy
Spelling Rats - Clare
Spelling Rats – Clare
Spelling Greyhounds - Penny
Spelling Greyhounds – Penny
Spelling Fairies - Fiona
Spelling Fairies – Fiona
Spelling hounds - Charlie
Spelling hounds – Charlie

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