A Cat may look at a King


With only a few weeks to go before my solo exhibition in Ilminster in July, I started working on some Spelling Animals pictures.I’ve been doing the Spelling Animals for customers for several years, and as cards for the nieces and nephews for some years before that,. but I’ve done any for myself – or at least, since they are still for sale,  for nobody in particular yet. So this was something of a treat: free-range Spelling Animals, willing to spell anything I chose to ask of them. Here is what the cats spelt. And, since this is not for a particular commission, it’s also available as a print in the Spelling Animals section of my Etsy shop.


  1. Aww. I love all the different cats,
    – and the message here –
    but (to my surprise) my favorite is the way you drew the king.
    It’s all so fun! 😀

    1. Thanks! it’s hard for royalty, being allowed to be stared at by so many cats 😉

  2. That’s twice I’ve tried to look at the post and I get the sad face message that the site can’t be reached. xx

    1. That’s because you#re using the internet in Moorlynch I’m afraid 😉 The post is here…

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