Coniston End-to-end 2016: the t-shirt

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, quietly pleased with myself: I was asked to do the back of the t-shirt design for Chillswim’s Coniston end-to-end swim – a lovely swim of about 5.25 miles, the full length of lake Coniston in Cumbria. I swam it last year and I’m swimming it again this year, only the difference is this time I don’t intend to wear a wetsuit. And so you can imagine I was a just a bit excited to be asked to create the design for the back of the t-shirt.

The blue-background / orange tow-floats was the first version before I realized the floats are going to be pink this year (which is also highly exciting) but I do like the complimentary colours of blue and orange so I’m posting this one too…
You can order t-shirts via:
(These will be mailed out after the Chillswim Coniston event on the 3rd Sept). Pre-orders can be collected at the Arena Chillswim Coniston registration and Race HQ at John Ruskin School.

Design for Chillswim coniston end-to-end swim t-shirt
Design for Chillswim coniston end-to-end swim t-shirt
Chillswim Coniston end-to-end tshirts
Chillswim Coniston end-to-end tshirts
Alternative colours
Alternative colours



  1. Great design. Love them both but agree with you about the orange–bold and striking. N.

  2. dreamfarming

    I like it. I wonder how some of your other art might look on a shirt.

  3. Thanks! This was drawn a bit differently – flat colours no half-tones, which will work better for printing

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