Commissioned artwork for: 100% Swimming – 24 hour swim

Artwork commemorating 100% Swimming – 24 hour swim 2016 by Nancy Farmer

Here’s another swimming picture commission I finished recently… also one I enjoyed immensely so had to post this one in turn even though it’s beginning to look like I only do swimming pictures nowadays, which isn’t strictly true, it just looks that way…

Paul Fowler of 100% Swimming runs a marathon event called the 24 hour swim, where brave individuals or relay teams undertake to swim one mile on the hour every hour for 24 hours. I have to say that the idea starts to seem appealing, having drawn the picture to celebrate this year’s event… though a solo swim is rather beyond me. So, here is the picture, as the sun sets and the swimmers set off for one more mile.

This swim has a facebook group:, where Paul is also offering prints of the picture I drew for him. And more can be read about it on the 100% Swimming site:


  1. Very atmospheric!

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