The Glow Swim

Now I know, because I see the stats, that my sketchbook blog Cat-of-the-Day doesn’t get many views, and that’s a shame because this site, which gets a lot more views, has largely been about sales and exhibitions lately, and hardly any new art work…

So, apologies if you are following both blogs, but I think I’m going to pop the occasional CotD sketch over here, too, so you know I do get a bit of work done, occasionally 😉

This is inspired by the unique and surreal Vobster Quay Glow Swim – 80 glowsticked heads, bobbing in a lake, everyone ready for the off! (Digital sketch on my ‘Samsung Galaxy tab A’ Tablet.)

Vobster Quay's Glow Swim
Vobster Quay’s Glow Swim


  1. And the temperature was…?

    1. oh, too warm to bother the thermometer! At least 18, with some toasty warm patches at the far end…

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