Synchro Snowflakes

Welcome to this year’s edition of “Quick & Simple Christmas Product Ideas Which Actually Take At Least 10 Times Longer Than I Anticipated”

I am not complaining, I am having fun, and I am also finding Adobe Illustrator indispensable for this project (and getting to grips with limited parts of it), and that makes me happy, because some weeks ago I paid for the annual licence for the whole of the Adobe creative suite, which, while it doesn’t actually require you to sign away your soul and your firstborn child baby cats, it does at least come closer to that in price than any other software I have ever paid for. So, I am going to bloody well make sure I have a use for it…

I digress, let me show you my cunning plan before you get bored reading this… I bring you that most niche market of niche market products: Christmas Wrapping Paper for Swimmers! (I do hope that non-swimmers may appreciate this too, but it is true that my recent activities over the years have led me to know a lot of swimmers).

Synchro Snowflakes!

The idea is very simple: Snowflakes that are actually synchronized swimmers. Drawn on my tablet, whith a great deal of fine and tiny detail, which frankly is hardly visible at ‘wrapping paper’ size, but if something’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing….

Synchro Snowflake
Synchro Snowflake

Design is still in progress, so here’s a few snapshots of work in progress. More to come. Eventually the wrapping paper (and possibly some other things depending on practicalities) will arrive in the Swimming section of my Etsy Shop.


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