Silver or Gold…?


I am nearly at a the point of asking a printing company to print the wrapping paper I’ve been working on for  while, but before I do it, I thought a bit of customer research might be in order.

The choice is between silver and gold, and also between white swimflakes against a metallic background or the other way around. I may be able to print two options – I can almost certainly afford to print either both gold or both silver options, or I can go with what I wanted originally – white on gold, and silver on white, but this will cost me a currently unknown extra amount, and I have realized that even if I can print gold and silver papers, I can’t afford for the tags to be in two colours – this is litho printing, and it’s a whole new game compared to digital printing…

So, I’m interested in what you think and which ones you like, and I have two questions… and please imagine these are metallic!

1: Which colours do you like?
(you can vote for more than one, but voting for all 4 is a  bit pointless!)

What’s your view on matching tags?


  1. Lynden Stowe

    ?Hi Nancy

    I run a printing company, Vale Press Ltd, and we print quite a bit of wrapping paper on our brand new 5 colour state-of-the-art Heidelberg presses.

    Would you be interested in a price?

    Kind regards

    Lynden Stowe


    1. Hi Lynden, this is using metallic inks, which may not be included in your 5 colour press? But I’ll email you anyway because I’d be interested to know, Thanks!

  2. Amy Jost

    Do you ship to Europe? What kind of payment options are there (no US bank account)? Love your work!

    1. Hi Amy, I’m not in the US, I’m in the UK so Europe is much easier. It will be in my Etsy shop when it’s ready – swimming section here:

  3. I like sheet 4 because it goes nicely with my colour scheme 🙂 also these are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Victoria 🙂 …looking like 3 and 4 for printing, silver most popular over all, and surprising amount of people not liking gold tags and silver paper… so have to pick the one colour.

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