The Longest Road in the Universe

By C. S. MacCath, a collection of Fantastical Tales

Ebook cover for 'The Longest Road in the Universe' by C.S. MacCath
Ebook cover for ‘The Longest Road in the Universe’ by C.S. MacCath

Some years back I was asked to illustrate C. S. MacCath’s beautiful short story, ‘The Longest Road in the Universe’, when it appeared in Murky Depths magazine (2008). I loved this story, and perhaps this came through in the illustrations, because I am delighted to be able to say that one of these illustrations now adorns the forthcoming ebook collection of stories.

So if your curiosity is piqued, I’d love to point you in the direction of links to purchase this collection…

For Kindle:
For iBook:
For Kobo:
For Nook:

C.S. MacCath’s website:

“Brace yourself, reader – before you in these pages lie delightful, terrifying, uncompromising monsters, ready to claw wounds into flesh and soul. Drawing deeply from mythology to weave tales of hard-earned spiritual enlightenment, C.S. MacCath demonstrates an uncanny talent that crosses all genre boundaries. Whether she’s spinning the story of a witch who can speak to everyone’s demon double, a space traveler who sells pieces of his body in exchange for history’s revelations, or a shape-shifting, guilt-wracked human bomb, MacCath brings their struggles and triumphs to fierce and formidable life.”

–Mike Allen, Nebula Award and Shirley Jackson Award finalist

For good measure, the other drawing I did for the same story:

'Roses on Europa' from 'The Longest Road in the Universe'
‘Roses on Europa’ from ‘The Longest Road in the Universe’


  1. Tim Moreman

    Hi Nancy – is the etching you use as the link to ‘ORIGINAL ARTWORK FOR SALE’ on this page available? i.e. the one with the gold apple?

    1. Hi Tim, yes, I have one left, I’ll email you…

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