Sirène: Chloe McCardel

A digital drawing I did of a lady who must be at least part-mermaid. This is a fanciful portrait of Australian long distance swimmer extraordinaire, Chloë McCardel. This week, she swam the English Channel for the 21st time, Her 20th swim broke the Australian record, and she now holds the record for the number of solo crossings in one year with 8 done in 2016!

She also coached 5 successful Australian solo swimmers and three successful relay teams in 2016. One of those relay swimmers was Dory Johns, who I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago, and who commissioned me to paint this fanciful portrait of Chloe as a thank you gift. It was a pleasure to paint such an amazing lady, and to be able to provide someone with a unique gift to give to her mentor, for what was a very special experience.

Chloe McCardel, mermaid
Chloe McCardel, mermaid
Chloe McCardel
Chloe McCardel



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