An Exhausting Sunday

An Exhausting Sunday
An Exhausting Sunday

Sergeant Stripes has had an exhausting Sunday. First, the greenhouse seemed sunny, and appropriate for sleeping, but then it was such a lovely day that the greenhouse was too hot, and sleeping had to be done in the garden. Now it is cooler, but the greenhouse is clearly not to be relied upon. Taking no chances Sarge has decided to play it safe and sleep instead in a box in my studio, where the only danger is that one may suddenly become an artist’s model. Which is exhausting.

[If you are thinking this sort of post usually appears on my other blog ‘Cat-of-the-Day’, That blog has been re-named and is now home to all my swimming pictures, which have generally taken over my life. Cats have retreated to this blog, where it is probably warmer, and definitely drier]



  1. Looks like a good fit 😉

    1. yes, it seems to be the universal fit – it’s now full of Arthur, who is several sizes larger. Though Arthur does have ambitions on very tiny boxes occasionally.

      1. It’s funny how cats never seem to notice if there is a little bit of over-spill…

  2. Allan Barnfather

    Cool For Cats made me smile thanks

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