Calendars for 2018

I have a new calendar for sale for 2018. It is ‘An Outdoor Swimmer’s Guide to Faffing’, containing sketches of various swimming experiences and faffery. Apologies if you know this already – I have created a second site for all of my swimming-related artwork – – and this post really belongs on that site, but I did think I could get away with mentioning the calendar here too, as this is the only one that I’m selling for next year. It’s available from my Etsy shop here, and if you’d like to see all of the pages, have a look at this page on my swimming Art website.

calendar front cover
calendar front cover
calendar pages
calendar pages
calendar back cover
calendar back cover


  1. Sarah Pitt

    Really wanted a 2018 calendar. Just got into open water swimming and love it. Can I still get one somewhere?

    1. Hi Sarah, sorry I have probably sold out, there is a small chance that some are left at a local gallery, but I won’t know that till next weekend. I’ll send you an email. You can also add yourself to my emailing list (look at the ‘join email list’) link in this website so you won’t miss them for 2019, though that is a long way off!

  2. Kathy Masterson

    Will you have a 2019 calendar, please?

    1. Hi Kathy, yes, added to the website a few days ago, and also for sale on Etsy here:

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