Music Studies


In case you thought I only drew swimmers and cats at the moment… you’d be about 95% right.

A few recent drawings of musical instruments and people playing music. I use the term in its broadest possible sense as I have included the ringing of church bells*. And last night I saw, heard, and sketched the wonderful ‘Bare Bones’ trombone trio and iSax saxophone quartet. iSax sat down and there wasn’t much to really draw but i did my best, Bare Bones made for a much more lively drawing, though you had to be quick to catch them, and I failed to capture the brief appearance of masks and snorkels as they played the ‘Jaws’ music, but I did capture the brief appearance of a Darth Vader mask, appropriately accompanied.

The fiddle drawings are just there, because it’s mine. And I’m better at drawing it, but there is steady progress….

*Since I can actually ring a church bell I feel qualified to hold this opinion: it’s not that it can’t sound nice, it’s that it’s less like playing music than it is like maths with weight lifting. It’s something I refuse to get better at – life is too short – but I ring a steady tenor behind. For the uninitiated, it’s like the weightlifting, without the maths…

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