Sea Dragons and their Visitors, Street. (Somerset)

200 million years of the inhabitants of Street, Somerset.

They’ve changed a little bit in the intervening years. Mostly there are more bobble hats now. Fragments of fossil, one of many found nearby, with fragments of visitors. As they walked across in front of me, I thought it would be fun to add them to the drawing. From the Sea Dragons of Street exhibition, Alfred Gillett Trust. For more information see this link though the dates there refer to an older showing and the exhibition is also on this week until 5pm today: “19 large ichthyosaur fossils will be on display, as well a selection of smaller fossils found…

The Sunny Windowsill

Right, there have been complaints about a lack of cats on my facebook profile again… So here is yesterday’s sketch. Sarge sleeping on a sunny windowsill. He makes it look easy, but it is actually hard work. One must be constantly vigilant, ever sleeping with half an eye open so as to know when to turn over. Ideally the time to shift position is once he has been half sketched, and before the sketcher has had time to complete the drawing. Freyja meanwhile, her favourite position usurped, has no other choice than to sleep in the paper-feed of the printer*….