The Sunny Windowsill

Right, there have been complaints about a lack of cats on my facebook profile again… So here is yesterday’s sketch.

Sarge & Freyja
Sarge & Freyja

Sarge sleeping on a sunny windowsill. He makes it look easy, but it is actually hard work. One must be constantly vigilant, ever sleeping with half an eye open so as to know when to turn over. Ideally the time to shift position is once he has been half sketched, and before the sketcher has had time to complete the drawing.

Freyja meanwhile, her favourite position usurped, has no other choice than to sleep in the paper-feed of the printer*. This limits her range of movement so she cannot change position so often, but her colour makes her less easy to sketch so it’s not all bad.

*It should be noted that this is the cheap printer** not the expensive one that I make the art prints with, which cats are NOT allowed to sleep in. Though occasional guarding of said machine still occurs.

**It may be further noted that is is still an A3 sized printer and I haven’t shrunk Freyja. She is small enough already…


  1. I can totally identify with this blog post, Nancy, sometimes I like to stalk my cats around the house and sketch them too, they almost always move at whatever moment is the most crucial, even when (apparently) profoundly asleep! šŸ™‚

    1. They have an excellent sense of timing don’t they? It’s probably excellent practice though if you speed up they probably will too šŸ˜‰

  2. sp8articus

    Beautiful drawings!

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