Snowdrop Fairies are twats

So, you complained that I haven’t been drawing enough fairies recently… sorry this is only a very quick sketch but here’s some seasonal ones I spotted, and you have to be quick to catch them:

Snowdrop fairies.
Do your snowdrops dangle? Chances are that you have a snowdrop fairy infestation. This isn’t the way the flowers are meant to be, it’s because snowdrop fairies are, basically …twats. They like nothing better than to swing on the flowers until all their heads are dangling down. The only way to protect your plants to sneak out by moonlight and spray the plants with gin. That usually leaves them incapable of getting to the top of the flowers.
The drawback is that you get through a lot of gin and eventually they get a taste for it and will come and steal it. And since most fairies are species-specific they’ll only affect your snowdrops.
So better off being content with dangly flower heads and drinking the gin yourself.

Snowdrop Fairies are twats
Snowdrop Fairies are twats!

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