Paper Angels on the wing

I have finished the Paper Angels, so I just wanted to show you a few photographs of the results. I have books of them for sale to colour in and cut out, but I also coloured a set myself and had them printed on pearlescent sparkly thin card, and they look a little splendid in the sunlight! Both sorts – coloured and uncoloured – are available to buy in my Etsy shop, but please note they aren’t actually weatherproof and you can’t keep them outside! For more about the books, see this page on my site:

The Penultimate Paper Angel

The Book of (Paper) Angels, which I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks, is almost ready to be printed. Here is Angel number 6. I am only waiting now until I have had time to do some coloured-in versions, which will be available as sparkly sheets for those who don’t want to colour in their own angels. For more information on this project, ordering, and a glimpse of angels number 4 and 5 which i didn’t post on the actual blog, have a look at this page: I like this angel, he’s a sort of Victorian…

Paper Angel no.3

I can tell you, those intertwined wiggly lines would have been easier with pencil and a piece of tracing paper not with the tablet! …Angel with a voluptuous bottom. If you have missed the start of this story – this is a little collection of colour-in and cut-out angels (and a few demons) that I shall be selling as a collection. For those wanting to get orders in, I shall be putting the collection up on Etsy tomorrow I think, even though I’ve not actually finished – I have 4 finished now, the rest will follow shortly, and I’ll add…

Paper Angel - front

Paper Angel no.1

I have been busy these last few days working out a design for a paper angel Christmas cecoration. I have plans to produce a collection of these that can be coloured in and made up by anyone who would like to. They will be for sale as a collection in my Etsy shop presently, but for now I have just the one. If you’d like to know when the collection is ready, email me at and I’ll let you know, or check in my shop in a couple of weeks. The collection will feature slightly subversive angels, and a…

burnished aluminum

Mezzotint on Aluminium: a new tool to play with!

I had a search going on Ebay for a Mezzotint Rocker. The search has probably been running for a couple of years and I think only once or twice did it turn up this rather obscure printmaking tool and at full price, which is not cheap. So when one appeared at half price last week, I could not resist… This post is mainly a series of photos of my experiments with mezzotint on a piece of aluminium (copper being the traditional material for this printing technique). If you would like to know more about how mezzotint – a slightly obscure…

Angelic Champagne 3 - drypoint coaster

Good and Evil, in artistic imbalance

In fact, I am with William Blake on this one (if I had to pretend NOT to be an atheist for a moment) – Devils should not be seen as ‘evil’, they are the appropriate balancing creative and chaotic force, to counteract the order personified by God and the angels. But believe what you will: I don’t, I simply like drawing them. So here, finished, are all the Angel and Demon coasters that you have seen glimpses of for the past few weeks. They are unfairly balanced: 6 devils to 4 angels, and yes, the devils are proving more popular….

drawings on candles by Nancy Farmer 4a

Set Fire to my Art: part 2

I have finally finished enough candles to supply 3 exhibitions, and have time (barely) to photograph some of them. Sadly no time yet to tell you how it’s done… later… All candles decorated with original drawings, no prints. Angels and Demons is the general theme, it being near to Christmas, though personally I find such characters have a year-round appeal 🙂

Champagne angel two

Temporarily changing sides…

I have two more sets of drypoint prints for coasters, but since it is approaching that time of year I have switched sides and let a couple of angels in. They are not, you will find, much better behaved, but they have a taste for Champagne, which makes them feel they are superior to the devils. The Devil coasters appeared in a couple of my recent previous posts. There is around a dozen of each design, and they will all be £9 each (angels and devils) when I ultimately get around to selling them. If anyone is interested, send me…