Swimflakes swimming hat

‘Swimflakes’ wrapping paper & cards for sale on Etsy

The wrapping paper, cards and tags have been printed, and, if it’s not too early to mention such festive supplies, I have them for sale in my Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/nancyfarmer?ref=hdr&section_id=5955662 I would also have told you that had swimming hats for sale, printed up with the same design on them… but I now know the meaning of ‘selling like hot cakes’. They sold out faster than I could find the time to post them on this blog, and there is not now enough time to re-order and go through the wrapping and posting again in good time before Christmas…

Christmas Cards… for swimmers!

Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before – I drew a picture especially as a Christmas card that I’m not going to be sending to people. This isn’t because I don’t like it, but the only Christmas cards I’ve ever done have been for my own use and strictly not to be revealed until Christmas, and then any surplus I’ve put up for sale the following year. This year I rashly though I’d offer a card design done especially because a couple of people had been asking if I would be selling Christmas cards on a swimming theme. This…

Spelling Dogs: Ben

The Year of the Dog

…the year of a rather lolling, flappy-eared and long-tailed black dog to be precise. Some time a few months ago, but not as early as January, we crossed into a new year in Spelling Animals. This annual event occurs when I have spelt everybody’s names in the previous creature, and I need to chose a new creature. By everyone I mean all my nieces and nephews, I will spell anybody else’s name in any sufficiently bendy creature in any year, but usually only for money: the real creatures still have to eat. So this is the year of the not-very-species-specific-black-dog,…

'Arthur does the Ironing'

Cat Logic

From my Cat-of-the-Day sketchbook blog I have made a little range of Cat greetings cards, many of which feature informative notes on the Logic of Cats. These may prove most useful to Humans, who often fail to understand the motives and innate helpfulness of these charming creatures.  The current range can be seen in my Etsy Shop, and wholesale prices are also available if you would like to email me.

Art by Nancy Farmer at Somerset Arts Weeks

Somerset Arts Weeks 2014

Astonishingly mild weather continues and the sun is blazing into the studio, as I crouch on the windowsill to get this shot of all the artwork on display. This is my studio – the gallery-wall side of it anyway, all spruced up and glistening with not an inconsiderable number of square inches of gold leaf, amongst the drawings and paintings. So, if you are going to be nearby in the next fortnight, do come and visit! Details of the exhibition as follows: Dates: 20th September – 5th October 2014 Times: 11am – 6pm every day except Mondays I am very…

Rodent Spelling Animals in watercolour and pencil

The Year of the Non-specific Rodent Thing

My first post of the year, but in Spelling Animals we are still in last year. Like the Chinese New Year, the changeover doesn’t happen for some time… So, being as this is the year of the Non-specific Rodent Creature, here is Georgia’s card, done in a flurry of ultra-busy some time before Christmas and never posted on the blog.