Angelic Champagne 3 - drypoint coaster

Good and Evil, in artistic imbalance

In fact, I am with William Blake on this one (if I had to pretend NOT to be an atheist for a moment) – Devils should not be seen as ‘evil’, they are the appropriate balancing creative and chaotic force, to counteract the order personified by God and the angels. But believe what you will: I don’t, I simply like drawing them. So here, finished, are all the Angel and Demon coasters that you have seen glimpses of for the past few weeks. They are unfairly balanced: 6 devils to 4 angels, and yes, the devils are proving more popular….

Champagne angel two

Temporarily changing sides…

I have two more sets of drypoint prints for coasters, but since it is approaching that time of year I have switched sides and let a couple of angels in. They are not, you will find, much better behaved, but they have a taste for Champagne, which makes them feel they are superior to the devils. The Devil coasters appeared in a couple of my recent previous posts. There is around a dozen of each design, and they will all be £9 each (angels and devils) when I ultimately get around to selling them. If anyone is interested, send me…

drinking devil three

Encountering devils… again.

These are the second instalment in my collection of the drypoint demons (with wine), destined to become a nice group of coasters featuring original artwork. The first pair, if you missed them, appeared in this post: This was to be a group of six but, since the season for such things is fast approaching, I may  stick at a gourp of four demons and a second group of four angels. Angels are for Christmas; demons, of course, are timeless 😉

drinking devil one

On returning from the desert, and encountering devils….

There’s been a bit of a dearth of artwork around here lately: not a self-imposed abstinence you understand – I have not really been lost in a barren wilderness, I have simply had too many other things to do. Wall-to-wall exhibitions, and the total overhauling of my studio, for a start. The exhibitions have finished now; the studio is still in a state of flux. At some point everything will be beautifully organized, but, mirage-like, this vision seems to recede with the same speed as I approach it. Here, for instance, are my newly painted and installed shelves for the…

Drinking Nudes - drypiont prints for handmade coasters - 2

Three Drinking Nudes, printed

Yesterday was a complete marathon of a printing session. With drypoint (see previous post), the ink is held only by the burr raised by scratching the metal, and it is easily damaged and flattened and the prints get progressively paler. I am told the best thing is simply to print all you can in one day, without stopping, to get the most from the plate…. So, 12 prints from each of three plates, which was asking a bit much for one day’s printing, but by the end of the day I had got it down to a fairly fine and…

Drypoint Nude

Drypoint Nudes

With a bit of luck I will print these tomorrow. These are the drypoint plates that I mentioned in the last post, the prints from these are (I hope) destined to become some nice little coasters, featuring drinking nudes. But at this point I have no idea how well my plates are going to print… oh what fun is printing 😉 The photo above shows one of the aluminium plates, and the tip of the pointy tool wot done it. Below you can see better what I am using. This is not designed for this purpose, it’s a leftover from…