Lizards in action!

The last post on this blog had snow in it, I don’t appear to be keeping up very will here, most of my artwork has been going on my swimming art blog: However, just when you thought I only paint swimmers… A couple of spelling animal pics I did a couple of months ago for Kylee, who then sent me these fab pictures of the drawings framed and, er, being checked out by one of the household… I design and paint these pictures to order, available in my etsy shop: and look for ‘spelling animals’ in the menu.

'Ben' in cricketers

Spelling in Cricketers

Having spent several years going through the various names of my nieces and nephews spelt in different animals, I was stuck for a new animal sufficiently different, and also bendy, so my sister suggested this. Here is ‘Ben’… in cricketers! And also a recent commission – ‘Freddie’ in zoo animals. You can see more spelling animals here. They are all one-off artworks, and if you’d like something spelt for you, I am taking commissions, just email me or have a look at the examples in my Etsy shop.

Spelling Mermaids

More Spellings…

A lot of the new work has moved over to my ‘swimming art’ site,, and it’s hard to keep two websites adequately fed, but here are some new Spellings that I’ve not shown before. I’ve been updating the offerings on my Etsy shop where you can now order your name spelt in mermaids, unicorns, and pigs (though preferably not all at once…) as well as all the usual cats, dogs, witches etc… See the full range in the Spelling Animals section of my Etsy shop

The Rat Race (spelt in Rats, of course!)

This is almost certainly the last piece that I have had time to complete¬† that will get into my Ilminster exhibition next month – finished a couple of weeks ago, but since then it’s been printing, framing, admin etc. One more Spelling Animals picture I managed to sneak in – I had fun with this. Usually when people ask me for rat spelling animals I imagine they want the rats to look quite nice… these rats on the other hand, they aren’t very nice at all, especially the rats at the top of the pile…. Prints available from the Spelling…

A Cat may look at a King

With only a few weeks to go before my solo exhibition in Ilminster in July, I started working on some Spelling Animals pictures.I’ve been doing the Spelling Animals for customers for several years, and as cards for the nieces and nephews for some years before that,. but I’ve done any for myself – or at least, since they are still for sale,¬† for nobody in particular yet. So this was something of a treat: free-range Spelling Animals, willing to spell anything I chose to ask of them. Here is what the cats spelt. And, since this is not for a…

A MURDER of Crows

A quite different Murder of Crows

I already painted ‘A Murder of Crows‘ of course, but this is a Spelling Animals version. For once I’m drawing a few Spelling Animals pictures that are not commissions, because I have a solo exhibition coming up in July, and I’ll never have time to get one more more considered painting done. These are fun to do, and don’t take nearly as long as the Flower Fairy paintings I was planning on. Drawing in pencil, and the crows are about 3 inches high. I have also spelled ‘A Cat may look at a King’ in cats and ‘Home is where…

Spelling Witches - Mandy

A Spelling Spree!

I’ve been on a total spelling spree lately. This week I have spelt names in mermaids, rats, fairies, unicorns and pigs… yes, I can now reveal that even pigs can be spelt with, though I think I was probably most pleased with the discovery that spelling in unicorns is possible. I can’t show you those last four yet as they have yet to go to their owners, but here are some from past weeks, including a spelling in witches which I was rather pleased with. I also have a fine pair of Spelling Bull Mastiffs to show you presently, but…

Bob the Log

An entertaining Spelling Animals picture I was asked for a couple of weeks ago: Bob the Log, in whippets and logs. Bob has a sideline selling logs. This is the sketch for it, which I scanned in and ‘typeset’ the whippets and logs. I am annoyed to discover that I never photographed the finished piece, so I can’t show it to you! And here are Clare’s rats. If you would like a Spelling Animal picture for yourself or someone special, please contact me, or take a look at the Spelling Animals section in my Etsy shop

Spelling Dogs: Ben

The Year of the Dog

…the year of a rather lolling, flappy-eared and long-tailed black dog to be precise. Some time a few months ago, but not as early as January, we crossed into a new year in Spelling Animals. This annual event occurs when I have spelt everybody’s names in the previous creature, and I need to chose a new creature. By everyone I mean all my nieces and nephews, I will spell anybody else’s name in any sufficiently bendy creature in any year, but usually only for money: the real creatures still have to eat. So this is the year of the not-very-species-specific-black-dog,…