'Ben' in cricketers

Spelling in Cricketers

Having spent several years going through the various names of my nieces and nephews spelt in different animals, I was stuck for a new animal sufficiently different, and also bendy, so my sister suggested this. Here is ‘Ben’… in cricketers! And also a recent commission – ‘Freddie’ in zoo animals. You can see more spelling animals here. They are all one-off artworks, and if you’d like something spelt for you, I am taking commissions, just email me or have a look at the examples in my Etsy shop.

Spelling Witches - Mandy

A Spelling Spree!

I’ve been on a total spelling spree lately. This week I have spelt names in mermaids, rats, fairies, unicorns and pigs… yes, I can now reveal that even pigs can be spelt with, though I think I was probably most pleased with the discovery that spelling in unicorns is possible. I can’t show you those last four yet as they have yet to go to their owners, but here are some from past weeks, including a spelling in witches which I was rather pleased with. I also have a fine pair of Spelling Bull Mastiffs to show you presently, but…

"Art can never..." detail 1

“Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed”

I have finished the monster spelling undertaking! If you missed the first stages and explanation, the quote is from William Blake, and the work in progress pictures are here: ‘Biting off more words than I can spell’ ‘Still chewing over the words’ So, I re-did the whole thing, swapping the dip-pen and Indian Ink for a plain old Biro. Not as black, not as ‘proper’ but a far nicer, more sensitive drawing tool to work with… and more disaster-proof, too! Here are the pictures, rather a lot of them: the words are about 35 inches wide, so there is a…