White on Viridian Sea Monster swim hat

Springtime Sea Monsters!

Soon it will be spring and the water will warm up. Yes it will. And so it occurred to me that my snowflake / Swimflakes swimming hat will be right out of season. With this in mind I thought I would design a more spring-like hat. Something green, with growing things. That was the plan… but it’s funny how things come out sometimes. Somehow what the design turned into was Sea Monsters, frolicking with an overabundance of springlike joy, no doubt. I am going to get these hats printed, and, like the ‘Swimflakes’ ones (which are now sold out but…


New websites, old pictures

Apologies for the silence, amongst other things I’ve spent the last 3 days getting my original artwork up in my other Etsy shop, the cunningly named NancyFarmerTwo. Not quite there yet but I just thought I’d let you know. I have quite a lot of stuff, some of it’s not seen the light of day for quite a while…. some random things, some bargains, some huge and expensive pieces, lots of etchings, they’re all getting an airing. More to come… It’s all here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NancyFarmerTwo After that, it’s about time I had a new website or tow. Proper ones. More to…

Gold Fairies on Etsy

Some years ago I announced the last of the Gold Fairies, and then I did some more…. These are slightly different to the original drawings, but they are in the same vein, and they have just gone up for sale on Etsy. So I won’t claim they are the last, but they are the last for the moment… (The link will take you to my second shop on Etsy, cunningly named NancyFarmerTwo, in which I am listing only original artwork, while the original shop NancyFarmer has prints and cards.)