Swimming Commissions

A selection of swimming-related commissions.

Over the last couple of years I have got very much into open water swimming, including swimming right through the English winters outside. And illustrating some of my swims as drawings afterwards, from memory, has kept me and some of my fellow swimmers entertained. This has led to a small series of commissions that I have been asked to draw for people. Here is a selection of them. Unlike the swimming drawings on my Cat of the Day sketchbook blog, these are often based on photographs or a combination of photographs and imagination, but like the drawings of my own swims, many of them still commemorate a moment or a swim, for a particular swimmer.

If you’d like a drawing done for you:
Please email me if you are interested in having a drawing done especially for you and I can discuss costs at no obligation.
Alternatively, if there is a drawing on my website already that you feel is very appropriate to you, but you would like it to be more special, it may also be possible to add some personal details to the drawing at a lesser cost than a full commission. I cannot modify commissions that were done for other people, but of the drawings below, ‘The Race’ and ‘Under the Arches’ were drawings that appeared in my sketchbook blog, in a slightly different form, and were modified, on request, to include details that made the drawings personal. (I added the frieze and the mirror in ‘The Race’ and put a different swimmer in for ‘Under the Arches’)


  1. Paul Ramsell

    Hey Nancy I am looking to commission a painting for an English channel swim myself and my team finished only this morning. It will be for a girl named Joanne who was on the team.

    1. Hi Paul, Congratulations! I hope you are basking in glory and enjoying a beer or something similar! Yes I can certainly do that. I think you are probably thinking of my digital drawings, which have featured several channel swimmers and other swim achievements that people have wanted to commemorate, rather than my actual paintings, which are more specific underwater studies? Have a look at this page – it has some more useful examples of both, and if that looks like the sort of thing you are interested in please email me at mail@waterdrawn.com

    2. oh Paul, and I have just realized you are commenting on my other site – and I did not in fact send you the link anyway – this link: https://waterdrawn.com/prices-info/ – will take you to some useful examples and it’s on my newer swimming art site.

  2. Felicity

    Hi Nancy,
    Just bought a print online and then wondered if the original was still there in Martock after ogling it since Christmas – and it was – so beautiful, thank you. My birthday present to myself! It will make me smile for days, and weeks, and years.

    1. Thank you Felicity! I have just messaged you via Etsy to see what you want me to do about the (now probably surplus) print! I hope the painting gives you much pleasure!

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